Memories should linger, not odors.

Take a road trip, play your best game, or reel in your best catch, we’ll supply the clean up. Fresh 15 is non-toxic, and safe to use on any surface, including athletic gear. Try Fresh 15 and understand why we believe that memories should linger, not odors.

Fresh 15 Beginning

Fresh 15 is the product of a collaboration of chemical wizards and idea facilitators. We knew what we wanted – to eliminate odor at its cause – and the right people to help us reach our goal. The best part is, we’re just getting started. Join us in our mission to eradicate the odor molecule.

Memories should linger, not odors.

Odor Eliminator

Fresh 15 gets rid of even the harshest of odors including the smell of smoke.


Fresh 15 is safe to use around children. Use Fresh 15 Automotive to clean car seats or spills.


Fresh 15 is pet-friendly. Eliminate the “wet dog” smell over and over with no harm to your car interior or your pet.


Fresh 15 is non-toxic. There are no harsh fumes or chemical side effects.

Any Fabric

Fresh 15 can be sprayed on any fabric. Safe to spray on athletic uniforms or protective gear without discoloration.

Stain Remover

Spray boat covers, vehicle carpets and interiors to lift and remove stains on multiple surfaces.