We at Fresh 15 are passionate about fishing. Get us on a lake, river, or the ocean, and we are happy. There is nothing like heading to shore with an ice chest full of fish.

That fish smell can linger on your boat, that is the trade off. And we all know it’s a time-consuming chore to trailer your boat to a car wash. Eliminating this part of post-fishing trip clean up is why we stand so strongly behind our Fresh 15 Marine.

Fresh 15 Marine can save you time, money, and effort cleaning up your boat. Our formula breaks up odor-causing molecules at the smallest particle level. What’s left are odor-neutral vapors that are environmentally-friendly, and safe for humans and pets.

And it works!

We take it on every fishing trip we go on. You can spray the deck, seats, captain’s wheel, carpet, and even the bibs and gloves you use without worrying about polluting the water or irritating your skin.

An added bonus is Fresh 15 Marine kills bacteria and mold. Now you don’t have to worry about any raw food, or bacterial-borne infections.

Fresh 15 Marine is something you have to see to believe. Try it out and let us know how well Fresh 15 Marine works on getting the fish smell out of your boat. Click here to order!