Here we are providing you with a real life example of how to remove a bad car smell with Fresh 15. This is a true story of one of our teammates and their cooler adventure. Cooler as in the container, not the adventure.

It all started with a fishing trip. The weather was ideal, and the fish were biting. Soon there was a cooler filled with fresh catch and it was time to pack up and head home. Everyone loaded up their gear, while the cooler took its designated spot in the back.

Somewhere along the way, the cooler lid slid off and fish water spilled all over the back of the suv. Now they have automotive carpet soaked in bacteria-laden water.

As soon as the crew arrived home, they unloaded everything, took out the cooler, wiped all the excess water away, and doused the back of the suv with Fresh 15. They rolled up the windows, started the engine, and waited 15 minutes.

Fresh 15 broke up the fish water bacteria molecules, leaving fresh, neutral air to run through the suv’s ventilation system. Any odor causing microbes that were in the interior air filter were also eliminated.

The result, no fish smell.

Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Try it out for yourself by clicking here.

Fresh 15 neutralizes any type of odor from your car. Smoke, food, and pet odors are erased by following the directions on the label.