Fresh 15 is not like any other odor eliminator on the market. We’re bringing Fresh 15 to consumers as a safe, effective way to erase odors at their source by altering the molecular structure.

We’re using science to make things not smell bad. How is that possible? We’ll walk you through the fundamentals.

Odors are the result of molecules, a light chemical that evaporates easily, reaching olfactory neurons at the top of your nasal passages. From there, your brain defines what it is you are smelling.

Hard surfaces like metal or glass don’t give off much of a smell because they don’t produce chemicals that evaporate after they harden. During the formation process, though, the hot compounds release fumes that we can smell.

The same is true with food. Compare the smell of bread in an oven vs. room temperature bread. Heated molecules evaporate quickly, giving off a more intense odor.

When you introduce rapidly-evaporating molecules to an airtight environment, your car with the windows rolled up, the result is a food smell in your automobile.

Fresh 15 works because the compound breaks the molecules apart, which evaporate without consequence (residue, another odor).

Remember, memories should linger, not odors.

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